Seventh Knight AppMoat360 is the answer to Zero-Day and Ransomware threats. With our patented technology and 24/7/365 Security Operations Center our people confirm that new files running on your machines are authentic. Combine this with IBM Maas360 mobile device and document management and you get powerful tools to secure your network.

Defense in Depth

AppMoat not only saves people from countless hours of figuring out what applications are safe, it solidifies trust. Application security can be difficult to maintain, but with the right tool like AppMoat, it is easy. AppMoat is highly recommend to those who are seeking to add another layer of security to their network. Seventh Knight’s patent protected AppMoat technology supplements a primary security solution by isolating unrecognized programs and services and running them using temporary profiles with limited access. Our Security Operations Center's file analyst verify each new application giving you confidence in what is allowed to run on your network. This method eliminates the drain on system resources and manpower generally associated with process virtualization.

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